CTA & BONITA League Winter 2015 Deadline To Add New Players Approaching

The deadline to add additional players to your current Winter 2015 CTA & Bonita League roster is FRIDAY, MARCH 6.  Please make sure all players for this season are on your roster.  After this date no more new players will be accepted into the system.

Starting March 7th, matches played with players that are not on your roster will be considered a default.

PLAYOFFS ARE APPROACHING.  Click on the links below for:

CTA Playoff Information 2015 Winter
CTA Playoff 2015 Winter Schedule

Bonita Playoff Information 2015 Winter
Bonita Winter 2015 Playoff Schedule

Professional Doubles Tournament at Cascades March 7th & 8th

All interested tennis spectators are invited to watch some GREAT doubles big money competition at Cascades Saturday March 7th and Sunday March 8th. Players will include former Davis Cup players and Division 1 College players.

Participating Teams:
Franco Mata – Jicham Zatin
Manuel Encalada – Tye Meyers
Nestor Nunez –  Benji
Hernan Nunez – Alex Gilet
Bill Shisler – John Carling
Luke Andre – Salvatore Proccacci
Sergio Rebolledo – Nick Maurillo
Shawn Hedrick – Tyler Manring

Format: 8 teams. Single elimination draw. Two matches Saturday:
Saturday- 12:00pm-  two first round matches. 2:00pm- two second round matches
Sunday- 11:00am Semi-finals. Finals to follow

Cost: No Charge

Contact: Manny Encalada

Hideaway Beach 5th Annual Open Doubles Tournament

Hideaway Beach
5TH Annual Open Doubles Tennis Tournament
Saturday, February 28th and Sunday, March 1st, 2015

Men’s Doubles – 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
Women’s Doubles – 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
16 team limit for each category.

Two match minimum for all teams.
Consolation tournament for teams losing in the first round.
Largest draws begin Saturday morning.

Registration deadline is Monday, February 23, 2015 at noon.
Entry Fee is $35.00, plus tax.  Credit card payments accepted!
Includes a HAT or VISOR and Lunch on Sunday, March 1st.

Call the Hideaway Beach Pro Shop at 239-642-6300 today.
For additional information contact:
Tye Myers at 239-642-2845 or TMyers@hideawaybeachclub.org
Zahava Abougzir at 239-642-2853 or ZAbougzir@hideawaybeachclub.org


Name: USTA Rating:
Address: CTA Team and Rating:
City:                                           State:                               Zip Code: Tournament Category
Home Phone:                           Cell Phone: Women’s:           2.5          3.0           3.5             4.0(Circle one)
Email Address: Men’s                                  3.0           3.5             4.0(Circle one)
Name on Card: Credit Card Number: CCV Code: Expiration Date:


CTA & Bonita League most often asked rules questions:

To all CTA and Bonita League Players,

We would like to clarify some of our most often asked rules questions:

  1. CTA & Bonita League rules regarding cell phones on court:

All electronic devices capable of sending or receiving messages must be off.  1st offense 1 point, 2nd offense loss of game, 3rd offense is match default.  Penalties enacted by opponents on court.

  1. Talking when the ball is in play
  • Singles players should not talk during points.
  • Talking between doubles partners when the ball is moving toward them is allowed.
  • Doubles players should not talk when the ball is moving toward their opponent’s court.
  • When talking interferes with an opponent’s ability to play a ball, it is a hindrance.

For example, if a doubles player hits a weak lob and yells “get back” and the yell distracts an opponent who is about to hit the ball, then the opponent may claim the point based on a deliberate hindrance. If the opponent chooses to play the lob and misses it, the opponent loses the point because the opponent did not make a timely claim of hindrance.

For example, if a player yells after an injury or getting stung by a bee, this is an unintentional hindrance that would entitle the opponent to claim a let.

  1. Amount of time between points, changeover and sets.

A Set Break is two minutes.  (Includes a break before the third set tiebreak.)
A Changeover time allowed is 90 seconds.  (None after the first game of each set then after odd games.)
League note: If someone is off retrieving a ball the 90 seconds starts when they arrive back on their court.
Between Points 20 seconds.
Toilet/Change of Attire Break is allowed when there is genuine need.  When possible this should be taken during the set break.  If this is not possible then the break should be taken at an odd-game change over.  The player is allowed a reasonable period of time. During a set break a player may leave the court to obtain ice/water during the allowed 2 minute set break.
Servers Request for the third ball.  When a server requests three balls, the receiver shall comply when the ball is readily available.  Distant balls shall be retrieved at the end of a game.

4. Spectators

A spectator has no part in the match.  Once a player of a team has completed their match and is observing the remainder of the matches, they become a spectator.  The spectator cannot help with line calls or help with scores or scoring.  Spectators are not allowed to sit in the chairs between two courts when the two courts surfaces are connected unless all participants on the court unanimously agree to allow spectators to sit on the court.  Spectators should avoid walking through the court while the match is in progress.  Spectators are allowed to view matches from outside the fence (through the fence or over the fence).

Team members and their spectators shall not harass opposing team players.  A spectator may be asked to leave if they are loud, abusive and/or hindering the match.  This includes a spectator talking on a cell phone nearby and disturbing play on court.

We ask that league players and spectators maintain high standards of proper conduct, fair play, and good sportsmanship and avoid acts which may be considered detrimental to the game of tennis.

5. Let called when ball rolls on court.

When a ball from another court enters the playing area, any player on the court affected may call a let as soon as the player becomes aware of the ball.  The player loses the right to call a let if the player unreasonably delays in making the call.

We hope that this rules reminder will help you enjoy a fun day of conflict free tennis.  As a player you may want to leave your phone in the car and get a copy of the CTA Rules and Rules of Tennis or the Friend of Court book published by the USTA ( links at www.swfla-tennis.com ) and always have your rules with you in your tennis bag.



CTA & Bonita League

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LAST DAY TO ADD PLAYERS to Rosters:  Fri. March 6, 2015
PLAYOFFS: March 16 – 20, 2015 (may be adjusted as necessary)
PLAYOFFS RAIN DATE: Sat. March 21, 2015 (may be adjusted as necessary)
* Dates Subject to Change