CTA Winter 2015 Playoffs- Playoff Schedules & Results

CTA Winter 2015 Playoff Schedules

Men’s 3.0
Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at Players Club, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Ospreys Bonita Bay
CTA 3.0M Osperyes Bonita Bay Blue Flight Champion
Red Flight ~ Players Club Blue
CTA 3.0M Players Club Blue Red Fligh Champion
Round 1:  Ospreys Bonita Bay def. South Seas Slicers (4-0)
Round 1:   Players Club Blue def. The Dunes (4-0)
Finals:  Players Club Blue  vs. Ospreys Bonita Bay (3-1)
Consolation:  The Dunes  vs. South Seas Slicers (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Players Club Blue
CTA 3.0M Players Club Blue- Playopff Champion

Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Village Walk Bonita, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightVillage Walk Bonita
CTA 3-5M VW Bonita Blue Flt Champion
Red FlightAhkumon Fiddlers Creek
CTA 3-5M Ahkumon FC
Round 1:  Ahkumon Fiddlers Creek def. Village Walk Bonita (2-2) (20,21)
Round 1:   Ace Bandages-Quarry def. Marco YMCA (4-0)
Finals:  Ace Bandages-Quarry  def. Ahkumon Fiddlers Creek (4-0)
Consolation:  Marco YMCA  def. Village Walk Bonita (2-2) (20,22)
Playoff Champion: Ace Bandages-Quarry
CTA 3-5M Ace Bandages Quarry Playoff Champion

Men’s 4.0/4.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Pelican Bay North, Time: 1:30p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Strand Aces
CTA 4.0-4.5 Strand Aces-Blue Flight Champion
Red FlightPelican Bay Barracudas
CTA 4.0-4.5 Pelican Bay Barracudas Red Flight Champion

Round 1:  Strand Aces def. Windstar (3-0)
Round 1:  Islandwalk-Romano def. Pelican Bay Barracudas (3-0)
Finals:  Islandwalk-Romano  def. Strand Aces (2-1)
Consolation:  Windstar  def. Pelican Bay Barracudas (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Islandwalk-Romano
CTA 4.0-4.5 Island Walk Playoff Champion

Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at IslandWalk, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: IslandWalk Hawks
CTA 2.5 IslandWalk Hawks Season Champion
Round 1:  The Dunes Diamonds def.IslandWalk Hawks (2-1)
Round 1:   Players Club def. Pelican Marsh Visors (3-0)
Finals:  Players Club  vs. The Dunes Diamonds (2-1)
Consolation:  Pelican Marsh Visors vs. IslandWalk Hawks (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Players Club
CTA 2.5W Players Club-Playoff Champion

Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Wed. March 18 at The Strand, Time: 10:30a.m.
Season Champions: 
Blue Flight ~ Strand
CTA 3.0W The Strand Blue Flight Champion
Red FlightLa Peninsula Jewels of Capri
CTA 3.0W La Peninsule-Jewels of Capri Season Champion
Round 1:  Strand def. Hideaway Beach (4-0)
Round 1:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri def. Village Walk of Bonita (2-2) (20,24)
Finals:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri   def.  Strand (3-1)
Consolation:  Village Walk of Bonita  vs. Hideaway Beach  (3-1)
Playoff Champion:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri
CTA 3.0W La Peninsula-Jewels of Capri Playoff Champion

Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Audubon, Time: 11:30a.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightAudubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators
CTA 3-5W Audubon-Pel Bay Pk Predators Blue Flt Champions

Green Flight ~ Naples YMCA Clark
CTA 3-5W Naples YMCA Clark Green Flt Champions
Red Flight ~ Marco YMCA Breakers
CTA 3-5W Marco YMCA Breakers Red Flt Champions
Round 1:  Marco YMCA Breakers def. Naples YMCA Clark (3-1)
Round 1:   Bishop Pelican Marsh def. Audubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators (3-1)
Finals:  Marco YMCA Breakers  def. Bishop Pelican Marsh (4-0)
Consolation:  Naples YMCA Clark  def. Audubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Marco YMCA Breakers
CTA 3-5W Marco YMCA Breakers Playoff Champions

Women’s 4.0 Playoff Date: Thurs. March 19 at Quail West, Time: 12:00p.m.  Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Quail West
CTA 4-0W Quail West Blue Flt Champions
Red FlightNaples Grande
CTA 4-0W Naples Grande Red Flt Champions
Round 1:  Marco YMCA Breakers def. Quail West (2-1)
Round 1:   Mediterra def. Naples Grande (3-0)
Finals:  Mediterra  def. Marco YMCA Breakers (3-0)
Consolation:  Quail West  vs. Naples Grande (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Mediterra
CTA 4-0W Mediterra Playoff Champions



Bonita Winter 2015 Playoff Schedule & Results

Bonita League Winter 2015 Playoffs-

Playoff Schedule Men’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Grandezza, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: Grandezza
Bonita 2.5M Grandezza Season Champion1
Round 1:  Grandezza def. Lighthouse Bay
Round 1:   Rapallo Raptors def. Verona Walk Acers
Finals:  Grandezza  def. Rapallo Raptors (2-1)
Consolation:  Verona Walk Acers  def. Lighthouse Bay (3-0)
Playoff Champion:  Grandezza
Bonita 2.5M Grandezza Playoff Champion

Men’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Thur. March 19 at Bonita Beach & Tennis, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ West Bay Landsharks
Bonita 3.0M West Bay Landsharks Blue Flight Champion
Red Flight ~ Bonita Beach & Tennis
Bonita 3.0M Bonita Beach & Tennis Red Flight Champion

Round 1:  Lighthouse Bay def. Bonita Beach & Tennis (3-1)
Round 1:   Belle Lago/Reserve def. West Bay Landsharks (3-1)
Finals:  Belle Lago/Reserve  def. Lighthouse Bay (2-2) (23,23) (Match Tiebreaker)
Consolation:  West Bay Landsharks  def. Bonita Beach & Tennis (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Belle Lago/Reserve
Bonita 3.0M Belle Lago-Reserve Playoff Champion

Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Wed. March 18 at Pelican Landing, Time: 11:30a.m.
Season Champions: Pelican Landing
Bonita 3.5M Pelican Landing Season Champions
Round 1:  Pelican Landing def. Breck Deckers-Breckenridge (2-2) (22-25)
Round 1:   Sterling Oaks Gold def. Village Walk of Bonita (2-2) (22,23)
Finals:  Pelican Landing  def. Sterling Oaks Gold (2-2) (19,19) (Match Tiebreaker)
Consolation:  Village Walk of Bonita  def. Breck Deckers-Breckenridge (2-2) (20,21)
Playoff Champion:  Pelican Landing
Bonita 3.5M Pelican Landing Playoff Champions

Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Village Walk Bonita, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions: VW Bonita Beez
Bonita 2.5W VW Bonita Beez Season Champion

Round 1:  VW Bonita Beez def. West Bay Wildcats (2-1)
Round 1:   Net Chix VW Bonita def. Aces Cascades (3-0)
Finals:  VW Bonita Beez  def. Net Chix VW Bonita (2-1)
Consolation:  West Bay Wildcats  def. Aces Cascades (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  VW Bonita Beez
Bonita 2.5W VW Bonita Beez Playoff Cahmpion2

Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at Shadow Wood, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: 
Blue Flight ~ Shadow Wood Racquetters
Bonita 3-0W Shadow Wood Racquetters Blue Flt & Playoff Champions
Red Flight
Vasari CC
Bonita 3-0W Vasari Red Flt Season Champions
Round 1:  Shadow Wood Racquetters def. VW Bonita Regal Ladies (2-2) (18,20)
Round 1:   Vasari CC def. Stringbreakers Pelican Sound (3-1)
Finals:  Shadow Wood Racquetters  def. Vasari CC (3-1)
Consolation:  VW Bonita Regal Ladies  def. Stringbreakers Pelican Sound (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Shadow Wood Racquetters
Bonita 3-0W Shadow Wood Racquetters Blue Flt & Playoff Champions

Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Vasari CC, Time: 9:00a.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightGrandezza-Levin
Bonita 3.5 Grandezza Blue Flight Champion

Red Flight ~ Vasari CC
Bonita 3.5 Vasari Red Flight Champion
Round 1:  Grandezza-Levin def. Olde Cypress/Pelican Bay Park (2-1)
Round 1:   Vasari CC def. Rapallo Racq Pacq (3-0)
Finals:  Grandezza-Levin  def. Vasari CC (2-1)
Consolation:  Olde Cypress/Pelican Bay Park  def. Rapallo Racq Pacq (3-0)
Playoff Champion:  Grandezza-Levin
Bonita 3.5 Grandezza Playoff Champion

“Miami Open” Bus Trip Monday, March 30th

Pelican Marsh has open seats for the yearly bus trip to the “Miami Open” in Key Biscayne. The cost is $80/person and includes a continental breakfast at Pelican Marsh at 7:30am on Monday, March 30th. We leave at 8:00 on a luxury motor coach from Dolphin Transport, returning to Naples after the day session usually arriving before 9:00pm. Every ticket has a stadium seating and grounds pass to the outside courts and we will be watching 3rd and 4th round matches. If you would like more information call the pro shop at 514-3200.


Professional Doubles Tournament at Cascades March 7th & 8th

All interested tennis spectators are invited to watch some GREAT doubles big money competition at Cascades Saturday March 7th and Sunday March 8th. Players will include former Davis Cup players and Division 1 College players.

Participating Teams:
Franco Mata – Jicham Zatin
Manuel Encalada – Tye Meyers
Nestor Nunez –  Benji
Hernan Nunez – Alex Gilet
Bill Shisler – John Carling
Luke Andre – Salvatore Proccacci
Sergio Rebolledo – Nick Maurillo
Shawn Hedrick – Tyler Manring

Format: 8 teams. Single elimination draw. Two matches Saturday:
Saturday- 12:00pm-  two first round matches. 2:00pm- two second round matches
Sunday- 11:00am Semi-finals. Finals to follow

Cost: No Charge

Contact: Manny Encalada