2015 CTA & Bonita – Ratings, Appeals & Combo Teams


A Computerized Rating Review was performed by Topdog Tennis.  Ratings were changed for some CTA & Bonita League players.   See below for the list of players below whose ratings have been changed.

PLEASE CHECK RATINGS:  NTRP ratings are needed for every player listed on your roster.  Current USTA NTRP ratings must be used.  Captains/Clubs should check to see that all your players’ ratings are listed properly in Topdog Tennis.

To check ratings in Topdog Tennis Click here.   Login with your password.  On your home page click on your 2015 Division and then click on your team, scroll down to view your team roster. Your players will have their current doubles rating listed.

To Check USTA Ratings Click here. Topdog Tennis is not linked to the USTA NTRP rating database.  Please email CTA & Bonita League Coordinator with any changes that need to be made in Topdog Tennis so that they match the USTA website. Matches played by players using an incorrect USTA NTRP rating are subject to default.

APPEALS: Click here for the “CTA and Bonita League RATING APPEAL REQUEST” if you wish to appeal these changes.

2015-16 Rating Changes for the CTA & Bonita Leagues 

First Name Last Name Club OLD Rating NEW Rating
Randy Highley Bonita Bay 3.5 4.0
Mike Liesman Bonita Bay 3.5 4.0
Riley Lochridge Bonita Bay 3 3.5
Gary Despins Breckenridge 3.5 4.0
Walt Conroy Cambier Park 3 3.5
Brian Corrion Cambier Park 3 3.5
David Diedrich Cambier Park 3.5 4.0
Paul Durette Cambier Park 3 3.5
Janet Couet Cascades 3.5 3.0
Vicki Reza Dunes 2.5 3.0
Kayla Melloy Estero 2.5 3.0
Kay Craynon Fiddlers Creek 3 3.5
Gary Vandekerckhove Fiddlers Creek 3 3.5
Carolyn Hale Forest 2.5 3.0
Robert Arcaro Grandezza 2.5 3.0
Terry Goodman Grandezza 3.5 4.0
David Guetschow Grandezza 2.5 3.0
Larry Jacks Grandezza 2.5 3.0
Richard Karp Grandezza 3 2.5
Ray Kest Grandezza 3 2.5
Arleen Krol Grandezza 2.5 3.0
Glenn Tarr Grandezza 2.5 3.0
Edd Grigsby Grey Oaks 3.5 4.0
George Hawn Grey Oaks 4 3.5
Tom Tepas Grey Oaks 3.5 4.0
Renae Wayland Grey Oaks 3 3.5
Doug R. Evans Heritage Bay 3.5 4.0
John Schoenhardt Heritage Bay 3 3.5
Jackie Heise Hideaway 3.5 4.0
Linda Kelly Hideaway 3 3.5
Linda Ryan Hideaway 3 3.5
Leslie Shade Hideaway 3.5 4.0
Cathy Zinkan Hideaway 2.5 3.0
Eva Colligan IslandWalk 2.5 3.0
Darren Davis IslandWalk 3 3.5
Gale Neuner IslandWalk 2.5 3.0
Denise Rafferty IslandWalk 2.5 3.0
Pat Baryenbruch La Peninsula 3 3.5
Fran Roth La Peninsula 3 3.5
Ingrid Winkler La Peninsula 2.5 3.0
Irv Kohn Longshore Lake 3 3.5
Mark Brahms Mediterra 2.5 3.0
Jennifer Brownlee Mediterra 3 3.5
Gail Lockyer Mediterra 3.5 4.0
Kaitlyn McLoughlin Mediterra 3 3.5
Lori Murphy Mediterra 3.5 4.0
Joe Nealon Mediterra 2.5 3.0
Richard Conrath Miromar Lakes 3.5 4.0
Sandy Phillips Miromar Lakes 3 3.5
Lori Smazel Miromar Lakes 3 3.5
Ron Freedman Naples Bay Resort 3.5 4.0
Mary Meyer Naples Lakes 3 3.5
Carol Dunn Naples YMCA 3 3.5
Sally Amato Olde Cypress 3 3.5
Tricia Borges Olde Cypress 3.5 4.0
Dan(Lucky) Copps Olde Cypress 3 3.5
Larry Kaplan Olde Cypress 3 3.5
Floyd Rogers Olde Cypress 3 3.5
Richard Schaller Olde Cypress 3 3.5
Tom Crowley Pelican Landing 3.5 4.0
Margot Hill Pelican Landing 3 3.5
Catherine Jenkins Pelican Landing 3 3.5
Tom Maloney Pelican Landing 3.5 4.0
Rebecca Matarazzi Pelican Landing 3 3.5
Eileen Bianchi Pelican Marsh 2.5 3.0
Suzan Cook Pelican Marsh 2.5 3.0
Mary Beth Greco Pelican Marsh 2.5 3.0
Karen Kelly Players Club 3 3.5
Ann Putnam Players Club 2.5 3.0
Stu Rothman Players Club 3 3.5
Jack Santoro Players Club 3 3.5
Karen Shmihluk Players Club 2.5 3.0
Barry Spagnoli Players Club 3 3.5
Roger Skrobeck Port Royal 3.5 4.0
Michele Trant Quail Creek 2.5 3.0
Janet Keddie Quarry 2.5 3.0
Marcie Pandjiris Quarry 2.5 3.0
Russ Abate Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Phil Buck Rapallo 3.5 4.0
Nancy Ferraro Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Joe Gill Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Dave Heisler Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Herbert Klein Rapallo 3.5 4.0
Craig Slater Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Linda Roderick Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Toni Roessler Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Dawn Thompson Rapallo 2.5 3.0
Bud Baker Shadow Wood 3 3.5
Linda Dovman Shadow Wood 2.5 3.0
Connie Weiss Strand 3 3.5
Linda Armstrong Tarpon Cove 2.5 3.0
Tom Baluk Tarpon Cove 3 3.5
Meg Mcquillan-Lind Tarpon Cove 3.5 3.0
Lou Piomdino Vasari 3 3.5
Douglas P. Adams Verona Walk 3 3.5
Bill Quilban Verona Walk 2.5 3.0
Dave Strohman Verona Walk 2.5 3.0
Diane Bonfield Village Walk Bonita 3 2.5
Fabienne Calgaro Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Jean Calgaro Village Walk Bonita 3 3.5
Eleanor Guthrie Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Barbara Janz Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Steve Kremer Village Walk Bonita 3.5 4.0
Hope Malin Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Nancy Mance Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Gayle Rioux Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Robin Saksa Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Vera Stec Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Sue Wade Village Walk Bonita 2.5 3.0
Ronda Hill Vineyards 3 3.5
Karen Lang Vineyards 3 3.5
Patti Aizenstadt West Bay 3 3.5
Carl Kreider West Bay 3 3.5
Nancy Nardella West Bay 3 3.5
Julie Odenbach West Bay 3 3.5
Harvey Ahitow Windstar 3.5 4.0
Dave Annis Windstar 3.5 4.0
Dick Carbeau Windstar 3.5 4.0
Larry Deco Windstar 3 3.5
Ed Kokkila Windstar 3 3.5
Theo Loughrey Windstar 4 3.5
John O’Sullivan Windstar 3.5 4.0
Frances Durr World Tennis 3 3.5
Cecelia Bach Wyndemere 2.5 3.0
Lynn Baxter Wyndemere 3 3.5
John Lang Wyndemere 3.5 4.0
Victoria Lang Wyndemere 3.5 4.0
Sandy Madison Wyndemere 3.5 4.0
Dave McKenzie Wyndemere 3.5 4.0
Ursula McMorrow Wyndemere 2.5 3.0
Jane Muther Wyndemere 3.5 4.0
Catherine Smith Wyndemere 3 3.5

Players who have successfully Appealed their USTA rating with the CTA & Bonita League for the 2015 Fall season. 

First Name

Last Name


USTA Rating

Appealed To



Verona Walk





Island Club





Naples Bay Resort





Fiddlers Creek










Island Walk





Grey Oaks





Island Club





West Bay Club





VW Bonita















Sterling Oaks










Island Club



2015 FALL- CTA & Bonita Combo Teams

Men’s & Women’s Summer Round Robins

LOOKING FOR SOME FUN SUMMER TENNIS? Tired of the same foursome at your club? Looking to meet new people? Many area clubs are now offering MEN’S, WOMEN’S and MIXED DOUBLES TENNIS ROUND ROBINS. THE CALENDAR OF ROUND ROBINS IS NOW POSTED at www.swfla-tennis.com. Click here to view the many round robins offered. Click on any round robin to see all the details.

Naples Lakes CC

CTA Winter 2015 Playoffs- Playoff Schedules & Results

CTA Winter 2015 Playoff Schedules

Men’s 3.0
Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at Players Club, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Ospreys Bonita Bay
CTA 3.0M Osperyes Bonita Bay Blue Flight Champion
Red Flight ~ Players Club Blue
CTA 3.0M Players Club Blue Red Fligh Champion
Round 1:  Ospreys Bonita Bay def. South Seas Slicers (4-0)
Round 1:   Players Club Blue def. The Dunes (4-0)
Finals:  Players Club Blue  vs. Ospreys Bonita Bay (3-1)
Consolation:  The Dunes  vs. South Seas Slicers (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Players Club Blue
CTA 3.0M Players Club Blue- Playopff Champion

Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Village Walk Bonita, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightVillage Walk Bonita
CTA 3-5M VW Bonita Blue Flt Champion
Red FlightAhkumon Fiddlers Creek
CTA 3-5M Ahkumon FC
Round 1:  Ahkumon Fiddlers Creek def. Village Walk Bonita (2-2) (20,21)
Round 1:   Ace Bandages-Quarry def. Marco YMCA (4-0)
Finals:  Ace Bandages-Quarry  def. Ahkumon Fiddlers Creek (4-0)
Consolation:  Marco YMCA  def. Village Walk Bonita (2-2) (20,22)
Playoff Champion: Ace Bandages-Quarry
CTA 3-5M Ace Bandages Quarry Playoff Champion

Men’s 4.0/4.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Pelican Bay North, Time: 1:30p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Strand Aces
CTA 4.0-4.5 Strand Aces-Blue Flight Champion
Red FlightPelican Bay Barracudas
CTA 4.0-4.5 Pelican Bay Barracudas Red Flight Champion

Round 1:  Strand Aces def. Windstar (3-0)
Round 1:  Islandwalk-Romano def. Pelican Bay Barracudas (3-0)
Finals:  Islandwalk-Romano  def. Strand Aces (2-1)
Consolation:  Windstar  def. Pelican Bay Barracudas (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Islandwalk-Romano
CTA 4.0-4.5 Island Walk Playoff Champion

Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at IslandWalk, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: IslandWalk Hawks
CTA 2.5 IslandWalk Hawks Season Champion
Round 1:  The Dunes Diamonds def.IslandWalk Hawks (2-1)
Round 1:   Players Club def. Pelican Marsh Visors (3-0)
Finals:  Players Club  vs. The Dunes Diamonds (2-1)
Consolation:  Pelican Marsh Visors vs. IslandWalk Hawks (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Players Club
CTA 2.5W Players Club-Playoff Champion

Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Wed. March 18 at The Strand, Time: 10:30a.m.
Season Champions: 
Blue Flight ~ Strand
CTA 3.0W The Strand Blue Flight Champion
Red FlightLa Peninsula Jewels of Capri
CTA 3.0W La Peninsule-Jewels of Capri Season Champion
Round 1:  Strand def. Hideaway Beach (4-0)
Round 1:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri def. Village Walk of Bonita (2-2) (20,24)
Finals:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri   def.  Strand (3-1)
Consolation:  Village Walk of Bonita  vs. Hideaway Beach  (3-1)
Playoff Champion:   La Peninsula Jewels of Capri
CTA 3.0W La Peninsula-Jewels of Capri Playoff Champion

Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Audubon, Time: 11:30a.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightAudubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators
CTA 3-5W Audubon-Pel Bay Pk Predators Blue Flt Champions

Green Flight ~ Naples YMCA Clark
CTA 3-5W Naples YMCA Clark Green Flt Champions
Red Flight ~ Marco YMCA Breakers
CTA 3-5W Marco YMCA Breakers Red Flt Champions
Round 1:  Marco YMCA Breakers def. Naples YMCA Clark (3-1)
Round 1:   Bishop Pelican Marsh def. Audubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators (3-1)
Finals:  Marco YMCA Breakers  def. Bishop Pelican Marsh (4-0)
Consolation:  Naples YMCA Clark  def. Audubon/Pelican Bay Park Predators (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Marco YMCA Breakers
CTA 3-5W Marco YMCA Breakers Playoff Champions

Women’s 4.0 Playoff Date: Thurs. March 19 at Quail West, Time: 12:00p.m.  Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Quail West
CTA 4-0W Quail West Blue Flt Champions
Red FlightNaples Grande
CTA 4-0W Naples Grande Red Flt Champions
Round 1:  Marco YMCA Breakers def. Quail West (2-1)
Round 1:   Mediterra def. Naples Grande (3-0)
Finals:  Mediterra  def. Marco YMCA Breakers (3-0)
Consolation:  Quail West  vs. Naples Grande (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  Mediterra
CTA 4-0W Mediterra Playoff Champions



Bonita Winter 2015 Playoff Schedule & Results

Bonita League Winter 2015 Playoffs-

Playoff Schedule Men’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Grandezza, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: Grandezza
Bonita 2.5M Grandezza Season Champion1
Round 1:  Grandezza def. Lighthouse Bay
Round 1:   Rapallo Raptors def. Verona Walk Acers
Finals:  Grandezza  def. Rapallo Raptors (2-1)
Consolation:  Verona Walk Acers  def. Lighthouse Bay (3-0)
Playoff Champion:  Grandezza
Bonita 2.5M Grandezza Playoff Champion

Men’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Thur. March 19 at Bonita Beach & Tennis, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ West Bay Landsharks
Bonita 3.0M West Bay Landsharks Blue Flight Champion
Red Flight ~ Bonita Beach & Tennis
Bonita 3.0M Bonita Beach & Tennis Red Flight Champion

Round 1:  Lighthouse Bay def. Bonita Beach & Tennis (3-1)
Round 1:   Belle Lago/Reserve def. West Bay Landsharks (3-1)
Finals:  Belle Lago/Reserve  def. Lighthouse Bay (2-2) (23,23) (Match Tiebreaker)
Consolation:  West Bay Landsharks  def. Bonita Beach & Tennis (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Belle Lago/Reserve
Bonita 3.0M Belle Lago-Reserve Playoff Champion

Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Wed. March 18 at Pelican Landing, Time: 11:30a.m.
Season Champions: Pelican Landing
Bonita 3.5M Pelican Landing Season Champions
Round 1:  Pelican Landing def. Breck Deckers-Breckenridge (2-2) (22-25)
Round 1:   Sterling Oaks Gold def. Village Walk of Bonita (2-2) (22,23)
Finals:  Pelican Landing  def. Sterling Oaks Gold (2-2) (19,19) (Match Tiebreaker)
Consolation:  Village Walk of Bonita  def. Breck Deckers-Breckenridge (2-2) (20,21)
Playoff Champion:  Pelican Landing
Bonita 3.5M Pelican Landing Playoff Champions

Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 20 at Village Walk Bonita, Time: 1:00p.m.
Season Champions: VW Bonita Beez
Bonita 2.5W VW Bonita Beez Season Champion

Round 1:  VW Bonita Beez def. West Bay Wildcats (2-1)
Round 1:   Net Chix VW Bonita def. Aces Cascades (3-0)
Finals:  VW Bonita Beez  def. Net Chix VW Bonita (2-1)
Consolation:  West Bay Wildcats  def. Aces Cascades (2-1)
Playoff Champion:  VW Bonita Beez
Bonita 2.5W VW Bonita Beez Playoff Cahmpion2

Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Tues. March 17 at Shadow Wood, Time: 11:00a.m.
Season Champions: 
Blue Flight ~ Shadow Wood Racquetters
Bonita 3-0W Shadow Wood Racquetters Blue Flt & Playoff Champions
Red Flight
Vasari CC
Bonita 3-0W Vasari Red Flt Season Champions
Round 1:  Shadow Wood Racquetters def. VW Bonita Regal Ladies (2-2) (18,20)
Round 1:   Vasari CC def. Stringbreakers Pelican Sound (3-1)
Finals:  Shadow Wood Racquetters  def. Vasari CC (3-1)
Consolation:  VW Bonita Regal Ladies  def. Stringbreakers Pelican Sound (3-1)
Playoff Champion:  Shadow Wood Racquetters
Bonita 3-0W Shadow Wood Racquetters Blue Flt & Playoff Champions

Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 16 at Vasari CC, Time: 9:00a.m.
Season Champions:
Blue FlightGrandezza-Levin
Bonita 3.5 Grandezza Blue Flight Champion

Red Flight ~ Vasari CC
Bonita 3.5 Vasari Red Flight Champion
Round 1:  Grandezza-Levin def. Olde Cypress/Pelican Bay Park (2-1)
Round 1:   Vasari CC def. Rapallo Racq Pacq (3-0)
Finals:  Grandezza-Levin  def. Vasari CC (2-1)
Consolation:  Olde Cypress/Pelican Bay Park  def. Rapallo Racq Pacq (3-0)
Playoff Champion:  Grandezza-Levin
Bonita 3.5 Grandezza Playoff Champion

“Miami Open” Bus Trip Monday, March 30th

Pelican Marsh has open seats for the yearly bus trip to the “Miami Open” in Key Biscayne. The cost is $80/person and includes a continental breakfast at Pelican Marsh at 7:30am on Monday, March 30th. We leave at 8:00 on a luxury motor coach from Dolphin Transport, returning to Naples after the day session usually arriving before 9:00pm. Every ticket has a stadium seating and grounds pass to the outside courts and we will be watching 3rd and 4th round matches. If you would like more information call the pro shop at 514-3200.