CTA League

CTA League 2019 Winter- Playoff Results


Men’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Sat. March 23 at Verona Walk, Time: 12:00 pm
Season Champions:
Blue Flight ~ Pelican Marsh Aces
Red Flight ~ Verona Walk Gamers
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Pelican Marsh Aces defeated Players Club Gold 2-2
Round 1:   Verona Walk defeated Vanderbilt 4-0
Consolation:  Vanderbilt defeated Players Club Gold 2-2

Finals:  Vero Walk Gamers defeated Pelican Marsh Aces 4-0

Playoff Champion:  Verona Walk Gamers






















Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon.  Mar. 18 at Longshore Lakes, Time: 1:00

Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Heritage Bay

Green Flight~Longshore Lake/Strand

Red Flight ~ AZ-Cambier 'Canes

Playoff Draw:

Round 1: Heritage Bay defeated Dunes 3.5

Round 1:  A-Z Cambier 'Canes defeated Longshore Lake/Strand

Consolation: Longshore Lake/Strand defeated Dunes 3.5  2-2

Finals: Heritage Bay defeated A-Z Cambier 'Canes 2-2

Playoff Champion:  A-Z Cambier 'Canes






















Men’s 4.0/4.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 18 at Port Royal, Time: 11:00 am

Season Champions: 

Blue Flight Winner~Port Royal Pirates

Red Flight Winner~Island Country Club

Playoff Draw:

Round 1:  Olde Cypress defeated Naples Grande 2-1

Round 1:  Port Royal Pirates defeated Island Country Club 3-0

Finals: Olde Cypress defeated Port Royal Pirates 3-0


Playoff Champion:  Olde Cypress






















Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Sat. Mar. 23 at Quarry, Time: 11:00 am

Season Champions: Quarry Gemz

Playoff Draw:

Finals:  Quarry Gemz vs Olde Cypress/Strand

Playoff Champion:   Quarry Gemz






















Women's 3.0 Playoff Date: Wed. Mar. 20 at Quail West, Time: 10:30 am

Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Quail West 

Green Flight~Mediterra Racquettes

Red Flight ~ Marco YMCA Her-ricanes

Playoff Draw:

Round 1:  Mediterra Racquettes defeated Pelican Marsh Fireballs 2-2

Round 1:   Quail West defeated Marco YMCA Her-ricanes 2-2

Consolation:  Marco YMCA Her-ricanes defeated Pelican Marsh Fireballs 3-1

Finals:  Quail West defeated Mediterra Racquettes 3-1

Playoff Champion:  Quail West






















Women's 3.5 Playoff Date: Fri. Mar. 22 at Cambier Park, Time: 12:30 pm

Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Heritage Bay

Green Flight~Grey Oaks-(Oaks)

Yellow Flight~Naples Bay Resort

Red Flight ~ Cambier Smart Aces

Playoff Draw:

Round 1:   Heritage Bay defeated Grey Oaks-(Oaks) 4-0

Round 1:   Cambier Smart Aces defeated Naples Bay Resort 2-2

Consolation:  Grey Oaks (Oaks) defeated Naples Bay Resort 2-2

Finals:  Heritage Bay defeated Cambier Smart Aces 3-1

Playoff Champion:  Heritage Bay





















Women's 4.0 Playoff Date: Thur. Mar. 21 at Grey Oaks, Time: 12:00 pm

Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Grey Oaks Racketeers

Red Flight ~ Cambier Sets in the City

Playoff Draw:

Round 1: Bay Colony defeated Cambier Sets in the City 3-0

Round 1:  Grey Oaks Racketeers defeated Island Country Club 3-0

Finals:  Bay Colony defeated Grey Oaks Racketeers 2-1

Consolation:  Island Country Club defeated Cambier Sets in the City 3-0

Playoff Champion:  Bay Colony





















2019 CTA Men's 3.5 Playoff Winner Herita
2019 CTA Women's Playoff Winner - Quail
2019 CTA Women's 4.0 Playoff Winner - Ba
2019 CTA Men's 3.0 Playoff Winner - Vero
2019 CTA Women's 3.5 Playoff Winner - He
2019 CTA Men's 4.0 Playoff Team Olde Cyp
2019 Quarry Gemz Playoff Winner - CTA Wo