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The Final Word: Out Calls and Serves
The Final Word: Dropping Racquets
Final Word: Calls from outside the court
The Final Word: Changing Ends and Serve Rotation
Final Word: Colliding Racquets and Bounces
Final Word: Switching Sides and Talking On Court
Final Word: Serves and Lets
The Final Word: Crossing the Net and Hindrances
The Final Word: Going Through or Over the Net
The Final Word: Kinds of Hindrances
The Final Word: Making Line Calls
The Final Word: Correct Let Calls and Being Hit
The Final Word: Making Up Rules
The Final Word: First and Second Serves
The Final Word: Playing Doubles
The Final Word: Serving out of turn and hindrances
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A Winning Plan: Give Your Doubles a Solid Foundation
Guess Work: Anticipate your opponent’s shots
Living with a weak backhand
Chips, Lobs and Overheads
Think Before You Serve
Attack Plan: Fight Off an Aggressive Net Player
Warm Up to Win: Get a Leg Up On Your Opponents
Style Points: Find a playing style that suits your game
High and Low: Master two tricky volleys to stay in the point
Smash Hit: Learn to Love the Overhead
Spin Doctor: Keep your opponents on their toes
Sitting Duck: Know when to put away the high volley
Spin to win: Add more than topspin to your game
Eight-step program: Elevate your doubles game
Can you kick it? Boost your service game with the kick serve
Instruction: The Need for Speed
Serve Success: Kick serves, slice serves and the perfect toss
Applied Science: Tools for your volleys, serve and return
Three for Fore: Drills to help your forehand

Tennis Instruction Videos

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