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Bonita League

Bonita League 2022 Fall Playoff Schedules and Results

Men’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Sat. Dec. 17 at The Dunes, Time: 10:30 am
Season Champions:  The Dunes
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:   The Dunes defeated The Cascades Bull-Dogs 2-0
Round 1:   Grandezza defeated Breckenridge Slicers and Dicers 1(14)1(13)
Finals:  Dunes 2.5 Men defeated Grandezza 2-0
Consolation:  Breckenridge defeated The Cascades Bull-Dogs 1 (13)-1 (8)
Playoff Champion:  The Dunes




Men’s 3.0 70+ 

Season Champions:  Breckenridge

No Playoff

Men’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Thur. Dec. 15 at Village Walk, Time: 12:30 pm
Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Pelican Sound Sonics

Red Flight ~ Villagewalk #4
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Villagewalk #4 defeated Breckenridge Bombers 3-0
Round 1:   Valencia Bonita defeated Pelican Sound Sonics 2-1
Finals:  Villagewalk #4 defeated Valencia Bonita 2-1
Consolation:  Pelican Sound Sonics defeated Breckenridge Bombers 1-2
Playoff Champion:  Villagewalk #4









Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Wed. Dec. 14 at Sterling Oaks, Time: 2:00 pm
Season Champions: Sterling Oaks
Playoff Draw:
Round 1: Bonita National Swingers defeated Sterling Oaks 2-1
Round 1: Longshore Lake defeated Wild Blue Yonder 2-1
Finals:  Bonita National Swingers defeated Longshore Lake 3-0
Consolation: Sterling Oaks defeated Wild Blue Yonder 3-0
Playoff Champion:  Bonita National Swingers


Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Sat. Dec. 17 at Rapallo, Time:9:30 am
Season Champions: Rapallo Rhapsody

Playoff Draw:
Round 1: Rapallo Rhapsody defeated QW Racquettes 2-0
Round 1: Miromar Lakes Rackettes defeated Bonita National Gator 1(14) - 1(9)
Finals: Miromar Lakes Rackettes defeated Rapallo Rhapsody 2-1
Consolation:  Bonita National Gators defeated QW Raquettes 2-0
Playoff Champion:  Miromar Lakes Rackettes











Women’s 3.0 70+ Playoff Date: Wed. Dec. 14 at Pelican Marsh, Time: 1:00 pm

Season Champions: Pelican Marsh

Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Pelican Landing Tennis Chicks defeated Pelican Marsh 2-1
Round 1: Shadow Wood Raquetteers defeated Estero CC Racqueteers 3-0

Consolation: Pelican Marsh defeated Estero CC Racqueteers 2-1

Finals:  Pelican Landing Tennis Chicks defeated Shadow Wood Raquetteers 2-1
Playoff Champion:  Pelican Landing Tennis Chicks










Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Tues. Dec. 13 at Village Walk, Time: 12:30 pm
Season Champions: 

Blue Flight ~ Cascades Alley Gators 

Red Flight ~ Village Walk of Bonita - Monarchs
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Cascades Alley Gators defeated Sterling Oaks 2-1
Round 1: Corkscrew Shores defeated Village Walk Monarchs 3-0

Consolation: Sterling Oaks defeated Village Walk Monarchs 2-1

Finals:  Cascades Alley Gators defeated Corkscrew Shores 3-0
Playoff Champion:  Cascades Alley Gators




Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. Dec. 12 at Pelican Sound, Time: 11:30 am
Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Pelican Sound 

Red Flight ~ Talis Park
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Talis Park defeated Corkscrew Roadsters 3-0
Round 1:  Pelican Sound defeated Miromar Lakes Thunder 2-1

Consolation:  Corkscrew Roadsters defeated Miromar Lakes Thunder 2-1
Finals:   Talis Park defeated Pelican Sound 2-1
Playoff Champion:  Talis Park

2022 Fall Bonita Men's 2.5 Playoff Champion The Dunes.jpg
2022 Fall Bonita Men's 3.0 Playoff Champion Village Walk.jpg
2022 Fall Bonita Men's 3.5 Playoff Champion Bonita National.jpg
2022 Fall Bonita Women's 2.5 Champion Miromar Racquettes.jpg
2022 Fall Bonita Women's 70+ Pelican Landing.jpg
2022 Fall Bonita Women's 3.5 Playoff Champion Talis Park.jpeg
2022 Fall Bonita Women's 3.0 Playoff Winner Cascades.jpg
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