Bonita League

Bonita League 2018 Winter- Playoff Schedules and Results

Men’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 23 at Lighthouse Bay, Time: 11:30am
Season Champions:  Belle Lago
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Miromar Lakes Knights defeated Belle Lago 2-1 
Round 1:   Lighthouse Bay defeated Rapallo Rebels 2-1
Finals:  Lighthouse Bay defeated Miromar Lakes Knights 3-0
Consolation:  Belle Lago defeated Rapallo Rebels 3-0
Playoff Champion:  Lighthouse Bay




Men’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Thur. March 22 at Belle Lago, Time: 1:00 pm
Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Rapallo

Red Flight ~ Belle Lago/Reserve
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Belle Lago/Reserve defeated Estero CC 2-2 in match tiebreak
Round 1:   Rapallo defeated Tarpon Cove Marauders 2-2 
Finals:  Belle Lago/Reserve defeated Rapallo 2-2
Consolation:  Tarpon Cove Marauders defeated Estero CC
Playoff Champion:  Belle Lago/Reserve









Men’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Wed. March 21 at West Bay Club, Time: 1:00 pm
Season Champions: Pelican Sound
Playoff Draw:
Round 1: Quail West defeated Pelican Sound 2-2
Round 1: West Bay Club defeated  Miromar Magnums 4-0
Finals:  West Bay Club defeated Quail West 2-2
Consolation:  Pelican Sound defeated Miromar Magnums 2-2
Playoff Champion:  West Bay Club

Women’s 2.5 Playoff Date: Fri. March 23 at Lighthouse Bay, Time: 9:00am
Season Champions:

Lighthouse Bay-O-Nets
Playoff Draw:
Round 1: Grandezza Orange Crush defeated Lighthouse Bay-O-Nets 2-1
Round 1:  Pelican Sound Pounders defeated Belle Lago/Reserve 2-1
Finals: Grandezza Orange Crush defeated Pelican Sound Pounders 2-1
Consolation:  Belle Lago defeated Lighthouse Bay-O-Nets  2-1
Playoff Champion:  Grandezza Orange Crush

Women’s 3.0 Playoff Date: Tues. March 20 at The Strand, Time: 1:30 pm
Season Champions: 

Blue Flight ~ Miromar Lakes BALLBUSTERS

Red Flight ~ Tarpon Cove Drop Shot Divas
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Tarpon Cove Drop Shot Divas defeated Estero CC 4-0
Round 1:  Palmira Poachers defeated Miromar Lakes BALLBUSTERS 4-0
Finals:  Palmira defeated Tarpon Cove Drop Shot Divas 2-2
Consolation:  Miromar Lakes BALLBUSTERS defeated Estero CC 3-1
Playoff Champion:  Palmira



Women’s 3.5 Playoff Date: Mon. March 19 at Village Walk-Bonita, Time: 2:00 pm
Season Champions:

Blue Flight ~ Pelican Sound CWB

Red Flight ~ Vasari
Playoff Draw:
Round 1:  Pelican Sound CWB defeated Rapallo Fortezza 2-2
Round 1:  Vasari defeated Village Walk Vixens 2-2
Finals:   Vasari defeated Pelican Sound CWB 3-1
Consolation:  Village Walk Vixens defeated Rapallo 2-2
Playoff Champion:  Vasari