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2023 Off-Season - CTA & Bonita League- Rating Changes Completed!


Topdog Tennis performed a Computerized Rating Review.  Ratings were changed for some CTA & Bonita League players.



NTRP Rated ~ NTRP ratings will be required for every player listed on the roster.  Current USTA NTRP computer ratings must be used unless approved by the league coordinator.  Players may have a higher TopDog rating than USTA when deemed necessary with the approval of the league coordinator.  Captains should check to see that all their players' ratings are correctly listed on the roster.  See the link 'USTA Ratings' at if you feel that the USTA has incorrectly rated you or your player, you can appeal their rating.  See the Rating appeals below.  New Bonita players that do not have an NTRP rating may self-rate.  Your Club professional should help you with your self-rating.  The League reserves the right to adjust the ratings of players. The CTA/Bonita league may not accept USTA self-ratings until results are shown at the self-rated level.


Topdog Tennis is not linked to the USTA NTRP rating database.  Please contact Bonita League Coordinator to change any incorrect ratings in TopDog Tennis so that they match the USTA website if computerized.  If the USTA changes a player's rating during the middle of a Bonita League season, players may finish the season at their current level.  Changes will not go into effect until the following season.  Matches played by players using an incorrect USTA NTRP rating may result in a default.


NTRP Rating Appeals ~ NTRP Rating Appeals ~ Bonita League will accept rating appeals.  All appeals must be submitted by your Club USPTA Professional or Director of Tennis.  If your Club does not have either, the appeal must be submitted by your team captain.  Appeals will not be accepted by individual players. 


Once a player successfully appeals to their rating, they can play at the new level.  Their ability is considered equal to those at the new level for the current season only.  Appeals of USTA ratings are valid for one season.  If a player has a USTA rating different than the requested Bonita League rating, they must appeal their USTA rating each season.


Appeals should be granted BEFORE matches are played.  Matches played before an appeal is given subject to default. 


Annual Review ~ This Review is completed each offseason of every player in the Bonita League.  The Review looks at the dynamic rating of each player.  Players with an excessive dynamic rating will have their NTRP rating increased for the upcoming seasons, including Fall, Winter, and Spring. 

Dynamic rating ~ Ratings are calculated based on the prior ratings of the players, the score of the match, and the type of match played (which determines weighting).  For every match, there are expected outcomes of the match based on the ability of the players.  If the actual results of the match are the same as the expected values, then the players will not have any movement in their rating.  If the outcome does not meet the expected value, then the players' ratings are adjusted accordingly.

Rating adjustments are not based on whether the player 'won' or 'lost' but how they did compare to what was 'expected.'  The rating of the higher-rated player may decrease even if they win a match.  If they were 'expected' to win 6-1, 6-2, and they won 7-6, 6-7,7-6, they did not do as well as 'expected.'  Their rating will decrease.  Also, a lower-rated player may lose a match but still have their rating increase.  If a lower-rated player is expected to lose 6-1, 6-2, but they lost 7-6, 6-7,7-6, they played better than 'expected,' and their rating will increase.

For Doubles - We take the average of the two players before the match, which is used for the team rating.  The amount of movement is then applied to their Individual Doubles Rating.



  • Player A (rated 3.652) plays Player B (rated 3.482).  Player A beats Player B 6-2,6-2.  The program would expect that players with these ratings would have had a closer match (6-3, 6-4, for example).  Since the match was not within the expected range, the ratings will change.  Based on the weighting for a social match, Player A's rating changes to 3.682, and Player B's becomes 3.452.


  • Jim (4.500) beats Bob (4.732) 6-4,6-4 in a USTA Tournament.  In this example, the higher-rated player lost the match.  Based on the score, the program changed Jim's rating to 4.575.  Bob drops to 4.657.  Jim's first victory over Bob does not place his rating above Bob's.

Suppose these two players played again in a tournament, and Jim once again prevailed 6-4, 6-4.  The program will now rate Jim as 4.635.  Bob's rating falls to 4.597.  Jim's rating is now above Bob's.


If you feel your players are wrongly rated by the USTA, please remember that the CTA & Bonita League is a local league and has its own appeal process.  We encourage you to submit a CTA rating appeal for those players for the Fall 2022 season.  For CTA & Bonita Leagues Appeal information, at the top of this page under Ratings/Appeals, click on  ‘How to Appeal a Rating’.

Thanks for all your help keeping our rating current.


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