Bonita League


2019 Summer- CTA & Bonita League- Rating Changes Completed!


A Computerized Rating Review was performed by Topdog Tennis.  Ratings were changed for some CTA & Bonita League players.



PLEASE CHECK RATINGS:  NTRP ratings are needed for every player listed on your roster.  Current USTA NTRP ratings must be used.  Captains/Clubs should check to see that all your players’ ratings are listed properly in Topdog Tennis.

To check ratings in Topdog Tennis Click here.   Login with your password.  On your home page click on your 2018 Division and then click on your team, scroll down to view your team roster. Your players will have their current doubles rating listed.

To Check USTA Ratings Click here. Topdog Tennis is not linked to the USTA NTRP rating database.  Please email CTA & Bonita League Coordinator with any changes that need to be made in Topdog Tennis so that they match the USTA website. Matches played by players using an incorrect USTA NTRP rating are subject to default.  The league reserves the right to adjust ratings of players.


APPEALS: Click here for the “CTA and Bonita League RATING APPEAL REQUEST” if you wish to appeal these changes.


The CTA & Bonita League website Topdog Tennis is not linked to the USTA site so please check your players ratings and let me know of any changes so we can update Topdog Tennis.  We will not change any ratings until after our current Fall 2017 season is complete (mid-December).  Captains/Clubs are responsible to make sure all their CTA players are listed in Topdog Tennis with their correct USTA NTRP ratings.


If you feel your players are wrongly rated by the USTA, please remember that the CTA & Bonita League is a local league and has their own appeal process.  We encourage you to submit a CTA rating appeal for those players for the Winter 2018 season.  For CTA & Bonita Leagues Appeal information, at the top to this page under Ratings/Appeals, click on  ‘How to Appeal a Rating’.

Thanks for all your help keeping our ratings current.