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Playoff Information


Please review the playoff information at


Divisional Playoffs ~ Most divisions will have a playoff the week following their last regularly scheduled match on their normal day of play.  Once the season begins the captains will be notified of the date of their division playoff.  Very small divisions where teams have played one another an equal number of times, and several times may not have playoffs. 


If the division has seven (7) teams or less, there will be a playoff for the top two teams. For those divisions with eight (8) or more teams, the top four teams in each division will play in the playoffs.  If a division has two flights, the top two positions in each flight will play in the playoffs.  If the division has three flights the top position in each flight will play in the playoffs and one 2nd place team with the best overall record will play in the playoffs.  Ties for the #2 team will be resolved with a drawing. If an eligible team is unable to play in the playoffs, the team with the next best record may be invited to participate.


Divisional Playoffs Tie-Break Procedure ~ When determining which teams go to the playoffs, there could be multiple ties.  Topdog Tennis lists teams in order of strength using the tiebreakers listed in the rules.  (See section 'Scoring' above.)  If teams are still tied, ties will be determined with a drawing.


Playoff Match ~ Playoffs are played on the same day of the week as your scheduled matches.  Playoffs are completed in one day.  Teams will field the same number of positions as in regular season matches.  If participating clubs do not have enough courts to host a playoff, the number of positions played may be reduced.


Rostered Players Only ~ All players on your roster are eligible to play regardless of how many regular season matches they have played.


Two Teams in playoffs ~ A regular two-set match is played with a third-set Super-Tiebreaker (if necessary).

Four Teams in playoffs ~ Play will be two rounds of eight-game pro-sets.  If the set score reaches 7-7, a 7-point Coman-style tiebreaker (first to 7 by 2 points) will be played. 

First Round: If there is one flight in the division, the first place team plays the fourth place team, second plays the third. If the division has two flights the first place team in Flight 1 plays the second place team in Flight 2 and vice versa.  With three or more flights, seed orders will be determined by best record using the regular season tiebreak procedures.  The first seed will play against the fourth seed and the 2nd seed against the third seed in Round 1.  In case of a tie, a random drawing will be used to determine seed position among tied playoff teams.  Second Round: The winners of the first round play each other for first place, Playoff Champion, and the losers play each other for third place.  Teams may use different players from their roster for the second round.


Playoff Tiebreak ~ At the end of the playoff match if the number of courts won is tied (1-1 or 2-2), the least individual sets lost will be counted, and then if still tied, the least Individual games lost will be counted.  If still tied, on separate sheets of paper, Position 1, 2, 3, 4 (or 1, 2) will be written and the slips thrown into a hat.  A drawing by an impartial party will determine which position will play in the final tiebreak.

The position selected will have the two players from Team A that just played in that position, play against the two players from the same position on Team B.  They will immediately proceed to play a 7-point Coman style tiebreaker, (first to 7 by 2 points), to determine a winner and break the tie.


Cost ~ There will be no additional charges by the league to play in the playoffs. 


Balls ~ The League will provide balls for playoffs. 


Playoff Locations ~ The highest seed will host at their home club at the time that works best for their club.  Exact times and locations for playoff matches will be posted on the website as soon as final match results have been entered and locations have been determined.  


Host Club ~ is responsible for running the playoffs at their club.  The League Coordinator will provide the Host Club with the line-up, score sheets, balls, and awards. 


Playoff Pictures ~ Arrive looking great!  The host Club / League Coordinator will take group pictures of the participating teams.


Playoff Awards ~ The playoff winners in each division will receive a team award.  No award will be given if playoffs are canceled.

Playoff Rain Date ~ The Saturday of playoff week has been designated as the rain date. Any playoff division that has been canceled will be held on that date.

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