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Bonita League

How to Appeal a Rating

BONITA League Ratings Appeal Request

All appeals must be submitted by your club USPTA Professional or Director of Tennis to  If your club does not have either then the Team Captain may submit the appeal.  Appeals will not be accepted from individual players.


The BONITA League will no longer consider appeals based on medical issues or age.  The League cannot foresee how these factors will affect the player’s ability to play tennis in the future.  Appeal decisions will be based on player results.


Players who have successfully appealed their USTA NTRP ratings with the BONITA League will be listed on


USTA Rating Appeals:
Appeals of USTA ratings are valid for one season.  The player must be grossly and unmistakably misrated by the USTA in order for an appeal to be granted.  As long as a player has a USTA rating different than the requested BONITA rating they must appeal their USTA rating each season.  The league reserves the right to adjust ratings of players.


BONITA League Rating Appeal:
Players without USTA NTRP ratings may appeal their BONITA League rating that is listed in Topdog Tennis. The player must be grossly and unmistakably misrated in order for an appeal to be granted.  Topdog Tennis ratings are valid until the BONITA League changes their rating or the player obtains a USTA rating of a different level.


Mid Season Rating Changes:
If the USTA changes a players rating during the middle of a BONITA season, players may finish the season at their current level.  Changes will not go into effect until the next season.


Appeal Review:
Appeals are carefully reviewed by the BONITA League.  This review takes the following into consideration:  Individual, partners and opponents match scores and closeness of the scores, position played, rating of players involved in each match, win loss records, etc.


Appeal Request
Email the following information to League Coordinator

Name of Player:
Current BONITA Rating in TopDog Tennis:
Current USTA Rating (if available):
Request Rating Change to:

Please write a 'brief' note with information as to why this appeal should be granted.


Submitted by:

Club Director/Captain Name:
Club Name:
Club Phone:
Club Email:

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